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The Write Fantastic 2011

The Write Fantastic

You will remember last year that it was the 5th Anniversary of The Write Fantastic and that lots of us went along and celebrated with them in Oxford. Well, it was such good fun that we all  agreed it should become an annual event.

This year’s TWF May Event will be at St Hilda’s College Oxford on Saturday 28th May – there will be lots of genre authors there including TWF authors Juliet E McKenna, Kari Sperring, Ian Whates and others, with guests including Ben Jeapes, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Pat Cadigan, Anne Gay – you can see it’s grown a bit in the last year and promises to be a fantastic genre day out.

There will be some books available at the event, but feel free to bring along your own copies as I am sure there will be opportunities to get books signed by the many authors attending.

The event kicks off at 10:00 and full details can be found at The Write Fantastic website.

Hope to see you there!


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BristolCon 2010

This Saturday 6th November I am heading to the South West for BristolCon in the fine company of Juliet E McKenna (Irons in the Fire, Blood in the Water, Banners in the Wind) where we will be doing a panel on the tricky business of getting published and we will both be doing readings – Juliet at 10:50 and me at 14:50.

Joe Abercrombie (The First Law series is one of my all-time favourites) will be there being interviewed by Clarke-award winning Cheryl Morgan (Salon Futura) – also there will be Colin Harvey (Winter Song, Damage Time), Paul Cornell (Dr Who and far too much else to mention), Kim Lakin-Smith (Tourniquet, Myth-understandings) and Alistair Reynolds (Revelation Space, Poseidon’s Children), to name but a few.  The full programme (organised by the wonderful MEG) can be downloaded here.

I’m really looking forward to the day and the chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones – if you’re within travelling distance from Bristol it’s definitely worth a day out.  If you do come along, please come and say Hi, I’m easy to spot and I don’t bite (mostly).

Hope to see you there.

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NewCon 5

This coming weekend of Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th October, Newcon 5 will take place at it’s old venue in the Fishmarket in Northampton town centre.  It had to be postponed last year because of uncertainties about the venue, but I am delighted that it’s back this year stronger than ever.

The guests of honour are Paul McAuley, Pat Cadigan and Paul Cornell and there are loads of other authors attending along with fans from all over the country.

I shall be reading at 11:00 on Sunday along with Juliet E McKenna and Keith Brooke, of which my only regret is that I shall miss the panel with Paul McAuley talking about Space Opera.

It looks like a great weekend, and if you’re coming along, please do come up and say Hi.  Newcon is a wonderful place to meet authors and we don’t bite.  Well, most of us don’t.


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FantasyCon & US Reviews

FantasyCon 2010

We’re mere days away from FantasyCon, and I’m really looking forward to heading off to Nottingham.  It’s a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

I’ll also be signing copies of The Road to Bedlam on Saturday from 12 until 1pm in the Dealer’s Room along with Colin Harvey, who will be signing copies of Damage Time and Andy Remic who will be doing likewise with Soul Stealers.  At 3:30 I am booked to do a live reading – just after Ian Whates, so it’s worth coming along for the hour.

In the meantime, reviews of Sixty-One Nails have started to appear in the United States – this one hot off the presses: ~

Shevdon’s blend of history and folklore creates a rich picture of a London that is both real and full of magic. The plot is quick and though the book is a little hefty, I finished it in all of two days (and that was with a movie break to watch all three parts of the Red Riding trilogy, too!).  The Courts of the Feyre is a world that I happily got lost in and can’t wait to return to. Really and truly amazing stuff, folks. I just can’t recommend this book highly enough.
~ No More Grumpy Bookseller

Thanks to Becky for the great review – I hope she likes the sequel as much.

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Alt.Fiction and After

Given that Alt.Fiction is a one day convention, it is amazing just how much can be packed in.  Obviously the team from Writing East Midlands had worked really hard to put together an interesting and exciting programme, complemented by the staff at QUAD, who managed that difficult line between friendly and organised.  It’s a really good venue for something like a convention and having the cinema layout seating made attending the various panels and discussions both interesting and relaxing.

At the signing I was next to Steven Erikson of Malazan fame who turns out to be a really nice guy and we chatted about odd things which inspired stories.  I did the Angry Robot Reading with Ian Whates, Gav Thorpe and Andy Remic to a select audience, which went well, and I went to the reading by Mike Carey of his short story “Face” which appeared in Subterranean Tales of Dark Fantasy – a really interesting and fascinating piece about a society where one ethnic group has a custom of removing girls’ faces, so that they are blank until they are married – throwing all sorts of contrasts and comparisons with our own customs and conceits.  That is definitely a recommended read.

The only down-side was that there simply wasn’t enough time.  I did manage to spend some time catching up with friends but there were people I only saw briefly and would have loved to spend more time with – the downside of a packed programme, I suppose.  Apologies to those I missed in what proved to be a hectic but fun day.

They do say you should leave them wanting more and so Alt.Fiction is definitely in my diary for next year.

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Alt.Fiction 2010

For those of you in the Midlands, I will be at Alt.Fiction this Saturday 12th June, which is being held at QUAD in Derby.

This is an excellent opportunity to meet writers, fans, editors and publishers from the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. There is a full programme planned covering everything from sci-fi and dark fantasy to social media and podcasting, with discussions on the trials and tribulations of getting published to the state of the book trade.

I will be signing books at the Fantasy Book Signing at 11am and then doing a live reading at 2pm in Cinema 2, so come along and listen to that.  I shall be around for the rest of the event, listening to panels and chatting with people.  Feel free to come and say Hi and introduce yourself – I’m always happy to meet new friends and, if you want your copy of Sixty-One Nails signed, don’t forget to bring it with you.

Hope to see you there.

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Many Happy Returns – TWF

There is always a degree of uncertainty before an organised event. Will people come? Will the sun shine? Are there enough chairs? These are questions that disturb the sleep of any organiser and the truth is that you never know until the day.

Well, the Write Fantastic needn’t have worried. Well, except for the sun, that is. Otherwise, the Write Fantastic 5th Anniversary event went very well indeed. I don’t know the exact numbers, but about sixty people turned up to listen to panels and mingle with authors. There was a very friendly informal atmosphere and plenty of opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

The panels went well, with the right balance of information, comment and humour, and the audience asked some excellent questions.  The venue also helped; the combination of space to gather looking out over the lawns of St Hilda’s College with a dedicated auditorium worked well.

One suggestion for next year – If people have Twitter names (mine is @shevdon) it would be nice to have room for them on name badges.  It would save me squinting at people and wondering if I know them by some other nom-de-tweet. Or maybe I should get a separate tweet-badge, just for that purpose?

The day rounded off with the launch of the Anniversaries Anthology (copies still available from The Write Fantastic, I believe) and a few celebratory remarks from Juliet E McKenna to mark the occasion.  So, it was a very good day – I certainly enjoyed myself.  There was much talk and a degree of arm twisting that this should become an annual event, which as Oxford doesn’t really have a speculative fiction event, could definitely work.  Watch TWF’s website for news on that.

Thanks to all involved in the organisation and staging of the event, and may I take this opportunity to wish the Write Fantastic a very happy 5th birthday, and many happy returns of the day.

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