Angry Robot Podcast 3

Angry Robot Books

There was a new experience for me this week.  As part of a series of podcasts for Angry Robot Books, Dan Abnett and I were interviewed by Mur Lafferty on the subject of history, research and writing, and how two very different books can emerge from a lot of common ground.

The link to the interview is here.

Dan’s book, Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero has been a recent read of mine.  It’s a fun book, but as Dan expains, a lot of research went into it and I think that comes through.  London as a city features very strongly in his book too, and there are some very subtle jokes in here, apart from the complete romp of a plot.  Like many Angry Robot books, it’s hard to pigeon-hole but entertaining nevertheless.

On Angry Robot’s Website there are also links to last month’s interview with Kaaron Warren (Slights and Walking the Tree) and Lauren Beukes (Moxyland and Zoo City), as well as an intial interview with Marc Gascoigne and Lee Harris of Angry Robot Books.

Overall, a fun experience.  Thanks to Mur for being such a brilliant host.

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