NewCon 5

This coming weekend of Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th October, Newcon 5 will take place at it’s old venue in the Fishmarket in Northampton town centre.  It had to be postponed last year because of uncertainties about the venue, but I am delighted that it’s back this year stronger than ever.

The guests of honour are Paul McAuley, Pat Cadigan and Paul Cornell and there are loads of other authors attending along with fans from all over the country.

I shall be reading at 11:00 on Sunday along with Juliet E McKenna and Keith Brooke, of which my only regret is that I shall miss the panel with Paul McAuley talking about Space Opera.

It looks like a great weekend, and if you’re coming along, please do come up and say Hi.  Newcon is a wonderful place to meet authors and we don’t bite.  Well, most of us don’t.


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