Strangeness and Charm: Update

SNC Final 2016 TNI am delighted to be able to share the new cover for Strangeness and Charm 3rd edition. As some of you may know, Alex is probably my favourite character from the series and this is her book. I wanted something that would reflect her emergence into adulthood with all the snags and spurs that brings.

Alex looked down. Around her arms, strange vines and coloured leaves emerged in patterns on her flesh, winding down to emerge in coiled tangles around her wrists. There strange buds emerged, dark and shiny.

Strangeness and Charm, the third in The Courts of the Feyre series will be released in the next week or so.

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    Quick, pass me my night vision googles….as for scripts, working on one that will require all of your skills and his utmost restaint. You just have to play the horny sexy lead role (you need no training on this one), comes naturally…!!;o)

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