LiveJournal Users Welcome

I would like to particularly welcome any LiveJournal users that are visiting, as from today I will not be updating the account over there and all the latest stuff will be here.

You can access all the material that was cross-posted over there from here using the various links on the right or using an RSS reader with the link¬† We’ll try to make you feel as welcome as possible. If you have any comments or you can’t find something you’re looking for, please get in touch either using the contact form or vial the email address posted on the Contact Mike page.

The reasons for this change are economic and practical.

They’re economic in that I have to pay LiveJournal not to post inappropriate advertising over my articles – which seems like a kind of extortion when you think about it, but is actually ¬†just the way they fund their activities. However, if I’m going to have advertising I would like to have some control over what is advertised and how, and not just be at the mercy of someone else’s whim. The advertising and promotion over there has become more intrusive recently and it was time to go.

They’re practical in that I have much better management facilities on this site and more control over issues like spam and security, plus it puts all the comments on articles in one place so that people can see what other people have posted. One of the great things about having a site like this is the discussions that are sometimes sparked.

I wish all the best to LiveJournal and to the communities still hosted there. I hope you will come and visit me and post things here as well. Feel free to link back to discussions there if you feel that’s relevant, though be aware that people following the link may have to wait while an advert runs before they can see what you are referring to – just life, I guess.

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